Tuesday Cures

It’s the first day of normalcy for me– back to work and back to reality.  I know a lot of you feel the same way whether you are back to work, returning from winter break and starting spring semester, or just recuperating from the holidays.  Since today was my first day back to work, I needed a little inspiration.

First, I need a breakfast for champs. 

One of my favorites is a Greek Yogurt parfait shown  here.

Then, I needed to dress my desk up a little.  Since I still did not have a wedding photo at my desk, I added one. 

Since I was still in vacation mode last night, my mom had us over for dinner and wine.  So, since I was out later than expected I DVRed my favorite premiere’s last night. Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family, 2 Broke girls on CBS, & The Bachelor on ABC.

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