New Blog Launch!

I am excited to share that I have launched a new blog called Jamie Ever After.  I have had a blast learning and growing my blog, as well as connected with people with the same love for fashion, writing, and design.  As my interests and priorities begin to expand, I invite you to follow my journey on my new blog.  Thank you for all of your support! My Instagram is now @jamieeverafter.  Leave your instagram name here and also subscribe on my blog.

This site will soon re-direct to the new blog.  Hope you love the new site!


Layering Must-Haves

I love New England because I am absolutely obsessed with fall.  Fall is my favorite season for fashion as well because I love layering different materials and textures.  Since the mornings start out chilly, having a cardigan or light jacket is clutch.  Later, as the sun comes out and the temperature rises, a comfy blouse or thin tee is the perfect under-layer piece.  I am loving the pieces from this site Fashion Mia because I can get a few layered cardigans that are actually well-made  but inexpensive. Here are my picks for October:


  1. This adorable cardigan, loving the pockets!
  2. This geometric cardigan that can double as a dress.
  3. Absolutely love the collar on this classic black coat.

This post is sponsored by Fashion Mia. As always, opinions are my own.

imPRESS Manicure Review

As a new mom, I appreciate the little things a lot more. The pleasure of getting a manicure or going out to lunch, or even eating a hot meal for that matter, is a huge treat now. With that said, these “luxuries” are far and few between when you’re a new mom. Broadway Nails sent me these imPRESS nails, which are a great alternative to an at-home manicure. I admit, I am not good at painting my own nails. I am the total opposite of ambidextrous; my right hand usually looks like a 4 year old attempted to paint my nails.impress

I grew up in the 90s so I was a little weary of these when I saw them.  I remember glue disasters and getting fingers stuck together with the old school press-on nails.  I was imPRESSed to say the least at how easy and mess-free these nails were get on.  No glue wars this time around.  The colors are also fun & include accent nails for a fun design that you can switch out to make it look like a totally different manicure.

The best part of imPRESS is the ease and no-mess application.  However, I do so much with my hands.  I am constantly cleaning bottles and pump parts (the joys of breastfeeding!) and I noticed after one day, my ring finger “accent” nail popped off.  I was able to get it back on by pressing firmly and it stayed on pretty good.  In total, the manicure lasted about 3 days.  If you are one of the lucky ones that does not do much with your hands, it will probably last a week.  All in all, I would only use imPRESS for an evening out if I wanted a quick mani without having to go out and get my nails done.  For a little over $5 and under 5 minutes, you have a whole set of nails.  They were so easy to peel off as well and left no damage to my nails.


Inspired by Food

Designers and artists are inspired by so many things around them– architecture, people in their lives, animals, and of course, food. The colors and seasonal flavors of food truly influence designers and their clothing and accessories. It’s no wonder why summer clothing is filled with citrus yellow and watermelon red, while fall is inspired by oaky red wines, pumpkins, and foliage.  I love how a Starbucks Caramel Swirl Latte can inspire a delicious pair of shorts like these cotton twill shorts by Emilio Pucci or the adorable Pink Jade Kate Spade flats that are bedazzled with watermelon seeds. One of the reasons I love to watch Project Runway is to see what inspires their designs in their weekly competitions.  It’s amazing how a true artist sees potential in everything around them.
fashionfood 11992158_10102866063617421_580274995_n


Inspired by: Black Diamonds

Black is usually classic, but when it comes to diamonds, black is edgy and completely unexpected.  This fall, it might be time to re-think your dainty accessories and try something new.  I am in love with this black diamond ring designed by Jeulia with pink accented diamonds.  I love the jewelry from this site because although, classic, the designs are far from cliche.  The company is owned by a husband and wife and their tradition as a couple was to give each other rings that they designed themselves as a token of their love for each other.  I think their designs really showcase their passion for jewelry design and keep classics and trendy jewelry at very reasonable pricing.  I can totally see it with my favorite leather vest (below) & the perfect ring with my favorite classic Chanel.  Jingles is always loving black accessories as well (haha!)


To shop a wide variety of affordable designs by Jeulia, you can browse here.  This post is sponsored by Jeulia. You can also check Jeulia out on social media as well for more of their talented designs.   Follow Jeulia on Facebook:
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