Trending this weekend

I had a crazy, busy, exciting weekend.  Friday night I went to Mohegan Sun Casino & celebrated my friend’s 25th Birthday!  There were so many people there and it was a blast.  Since I went to the restaurants & the club in the casino as well as several different hot spot in the casino, it was fun to see what was trending this weekend. 

  • Bright colored pumps.  Although many girls were in theie LBD (Little Black Dresses), they were sporting bright, neon stilettos which added a fun twist.

23549822_e7o3bn7o_c_large Tumblr_ll3ge68gws1qdpsx9o1_500_large

  • Sequin.  This is a classic that is coming back.  Shiny, attention-getting, and not subtle at all but so cute!


  • Bite-size desserts.  It seems as though all the restaurants have caught on.  We all have a sweet tooth but sometime just want “one bite.”  Restaurants are making mini desserts, perfect way to satisfy that sweet tooth without over-indulging.


  • Patterned nails.  Remember when airbrush was the collest thing ever?  Now, everyone has hand-painted nail designs.  I totally need to find the manicurist that these girls are using because the nails are gorgeous!  From flowers to animal print, I saw it all this weekend!


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