Snacks 150 calories or less

We all get that snack craving at some point in the day.  Some people get it around 3pm, between lunch and dinner, some mid morning, and some late at night.  My cravings tend to vary but I am infamous for getting starving in late afternoon and since I eat dinner pretty late, it’s important for me to snack on something healthy that will hold me over.  Below are some delicious treats and/or beverages that you can enjoy in 150 calories or less!

  • McDonald’s vanilla icecream cone (150 calories)
  • Glass of red wine (100 calories)
  • 4 Hershey chocolate kisses (100 calories)
  • Tall skinny vanilla latte (hot or iced) (90 calories)
  • Polly-O light string cheese (80 calories)
  • Taco Bell’s Fresco style crunchy taco (150 calories)


I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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