Girls Night In

It’s always fun to grab a group of girls, throw on a cocktail dress & stilettos and hit the town.  However, on a rainy night like tonight, sometimes it’s just fun to grab your closest friends, a bottle of wine, a great chick-flick and have a fun Girl’s night In.  Remember how much fun slumber parties were?  You can have a pampering night with your girlfriends.  Here is what is on the menu:

  • Bottle of wine or Champagne
  • Cupcakes and/or gourmet chocolate
  • fresh fruit
  • parrafin wax hand/foot kit
  • nail polish and pedicure kit
  • masks & creams for facials
  • chick-flick, fun CD, or Sex & the City season on DVD
  • juicy girl-talk (of course)

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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