6 Month Update

Today marks 24 weeks of pregnancy for me.  It has been such a roller-coaster ride and I am feeling great after 20 weeks of not-so-fun morning all-day sickness.  Now, my main feeling is HUNGER! 🙂

I try to stay healthy by constantly keeping my tummy full on healthy snacks so I can maintain a healthy pregnancy.  Unfortunately, my energy level has not been great, especially with all this snow, to work out much but I am so looking forward to the spring and waddling around outside and being somewhat active!

I cannot wait to meet this little guy (it’s a boy!) and am looking forward to enjoying the rest of my pregnancy. I am really starting to feel kicks and movement and those moments are so precious to me.

New moms, I want to hear all your advice and tips for a mom-to-be.  Please share any and all helpful tips and thank you for reading! XXO

Also, stay tuned for my upcoming collab with Serene Sky Boutqiue, 5-Diamond Photography, and Beauty Entourage.  Below is a snapshot from in-between look book shots.



I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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