Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Edition

Ladies, haven’t finished your guy’s Holiday shopping yet?  We know it’s so hard to shop for our men.  They need something and they go get it.  No shopping around or comparing or going through the thrill that us women go through.  It makes it so hard to pick out a special gift around the holidays.

However, I have hand-picked amazing holiday gifts that your man will be sure to love and no worries, you can get just in time for Christmas.


1. The Music Lover: Move over Dr. Dre Beats. These are the headphones that Dr. Dre actually uses. They are comfortable and literally feel like you are in a studio when you have them on. I have a pair so I have first hand experience.

Pick out his favorite CDs and gift these Seinnhesier HD598 Audiphile Headphones.  You can purchase online or go to Best Buy, Sears, and pretty much any electronic store.  He will love these.

2. The “Pretty Boy”:  This guy is always looking in the mirror and you want to get him something that will fulfill his inner-god.

{The Art of Shaving kit will be the most luxurious at-home shave money can buy. If he travels a lot, get him the Carry On Kit. ($50)}

{Gucci Guilty is perfect for the guy who wants to smell clean and delicious.  Will also be good for you when you are up close! You can find at Target for $52.}

3. The Work-aholic:  Your man is working hard to give you the finer things in life (how sweet!), so treat him to some amazing gifts that make his workday a little more spicy with an amazing leather laptop bag and statement cufflinks that work as a watch as well!

{Eco-Dark Brown Bag $298}

{Blackened Silver Working Watch Cuff Links $150}

4. The fashionist-o:  Dating a metro-sexual or just a guy that loves to dress well? Lucky you.  Spoil him with some designer goodies this season.

{Burberry Brit Barkleigh Military Jacket $795}

{Tom Ford Sunglasses $332}

{Sperry Top-Slider Summerlin Watch $160}

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