Hostess with the Mostess

It is so fun to entertain and get people together, especially during the holidays. If you are hosting a fun dinner party or holiday cocktail get-together, what are your tips? Here are some of mine.

1. Have great serving dishes. I was lucky to get some amazing wedding gifts and adorable serving platters were some of my fave gifts. From the wooden tray that holds dip and sides, to the adorable chalkboard cheese platter, it makes hosting that much more entertaining!
2. Take advantage of peoples’ skills! I was lucky enough for my last gathering to have a chef come over and she made homemade pumpkin crème brulee, something that I would have never pulled off. If you know someone makes awesome martinis or an amazing appetizers, don’t be shy to have them bring their favorite dish!

3. Build Up Your Pantry. Have items that make entertaining easy regularly on hand. Try keeping a jar of salsa, some great spreads, assorted crackers, nuts, chocolates and cheese. You never know when you might have people over!
4. Set the mood. Have your favorite Pandora station ready and dim the lights to create a fun, relaxing environment.
5. Have entertainment ready. Of course people love to chat and eat but a deck of cards or a few board games may come in handy with a fun group. I love Texas Holdem’ and Apples to Apples.
6. Have fun! No one wants an uptight hostess. Entertain your guests and don’t be stuck in the kitchen all night. People came to see you too!

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