Early Snow

We had our first snowfall of the season and although it was pretty, it was a little early!  I had to make sure I took out all my winter gear- my boots, mittens, scarves, and even winter coats!  I wore some simple flannel and skinny jeans and some ankle boots to stay warm.  My favorite thing about snowfall, besides that it’s so picturesque, is the fun accessories!  I wear my Hunter Boots throughout the winter (even though they are rain boots they are perfect for snow too!) and love dressing up my plain sweaters with textured scarves.  What’s your favorite winter accessory?

3 thoughts on “Early Snow

  1. merpear724 says:

    Wow…it’s still unbelievable that you guys are getting snow. We still have 80s! My favorite winter accessory is definitely a faux fur stole!!

  2. Pappa Don't Preach says:

    Wasn’t that snow storm crazy!? They said it was just going to be rain… 😦

    I was sooo unprepared. Since I moved recently, I haven’t transitioned all my winter clothes from my parents’ to my place! I had to have my dad drop off my winter coat, but I did have boots (although they were in my car and not on my feet.) Crazy New England weather!

    I need to invest in a pair of Hunter boots! I want one of the flashy colors!

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