Pump it Up

When you feel like you are wearing the same old colors- black, gray, white- just pump your outfit up with some colored pumps.  They don’t have to be designer to look awesome.  I found a pair of magenta pumps for under $25 at Target. 

{KK in some neon pink pointy pumps}

Pinned Image

{these are the Messimo pumps I got from Target!}

Pinned Image

{tiffany blue matches everything}

Pinned Image

{orange platform pumps make this simple outfit edgy}

One thought on “Pump it Up

  1. twinklesinyoureyes says:

    I think colored pumps are great! They add a special touch to any outfit! I agree they don’t have to be that expensive, but really cheap shoes usually do not fit too well. The ones you bought look great though:)



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