To Cut or Not to Cut?

So, I am having an internal debate.  I really want to cut my hair shorter for the summer.  For a few reasons- I love to change up my look, my hair grows really fast, and I think it will be easier to manager in the summer months.  But of course, since my hair is long, I am debating on whether I should just go for it!  Have any of you cut your hair recently?  How did it come out?  Send pics please to:


{my hair today- very long and layered}

One thought on “To Cut or Not to Cut?

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    I like your hair long. As long as you aren’t the type of person to admire the long locks of what the general consensus poll as the “preferred look on a Woman.” Why not try it? How short are you thinking? I admit, I feel more attractive with long hair when I cut my hair to my chin length, I regretted it until it got past my shoulders again. I’m still trying to grow it! 😉

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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