Old Accessories, New Looks

I have been away for a couple days because we moved into our new house!  We are so excited for our new home and our first house together as a married couple.  You will see a lot more decorating posts as we furnish and make the house our own.  Any DIY ideas or great furniture sales, please so share! xoxo.

The part that was most fun about moving was really unpacking and organizing my things the way I want them to be organized.  Since we had such a small space, it was hard to organize my clothes and accessories.  I stumbled across pieces that I totally forgot I had so I figured I’d share these little gems!

{handmade glass bracelet that my mom got me in Bermuda}

{Colorful bangles that I found in a box of old accessories from Forever 21}

{turquoise belt with tribal print}


{pearls that I have had for years, just threw it on with some gold accessories}

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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