Jamie’s Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday shopping can be fun… and stressful.  From your 12 year-old cousin to your boss, there is so much to choose to find the right gift.  Here are a few of my picks… merry shopping! xoxo.

1.  iPhone photo case, customized $39.99 Kodak.com  {for your fave aunt}

2. J. Crew Glitterati Flats $128, jcrew.com. {for your sister}


3. Microbrew of the month club $36.95 per month – greatclubs.com {for your Dad or boyfriend, or any beer-lover}

beer of the month club

4. Wonderstruck Perfume by Taylor Swift {For your teenie-bopper cousin}


5. Juicy Coutoure Charm Bracelet {for your bff}


6. Ghiradelli Coffee & Chocolate gift basket {for your boss}


7. Hunter boots (shown in pink) Nordstrom $125. {Four yourself, hey you need some comfy shopping boots!}


8. Express Sequin Mohair Cocoon Cover Up $55.93. {for your Mom}

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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