IKEA Decorating

I am lucky enough to have an IKEA store within 10 miles of my condo.  My first experience with IKEA was when I was going away to college.  Like most colleges, at UCONN, when we walked in, it looked like a jail cell.  Most of my lamps, chairs, and bedding were all from IKEA to make my room adorable.  When I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband!), we wanted a very modern look to our condo.  Since we did not have much space and were on a budget, a trip to IKEA made our first condo together a home.  See some of my IKEA decorations.


{IKEA white shelving helped me turn a bare wall into a great display of candles, pictures, and vases}

{IKEA Vase, faux flowers, and rocks to make a perfect floral arrangement in our living room}

{Absolutely love my IKEA wine racks, a perfect & logical decor for our dining room}

{IKEA corner shelves to display beach themed items in our bathroom}

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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