I pulled out my first pair of leggings of the season yesterday.  I love leggings because they look adorable with boots, are so comfortable and look fabulous with a long tunic.  A couple legging rules:

1.  Leggings do not replace pants.  All shirts/tunics must cover your bum in order to wear leggings as pants. (unless you are going to a yoga class)

2. Leggings should not be see-through.  Make sure you check your pair under some good lighting.

3.  Choose the right material for your leggings.  If you are super-skinny, you can wear cotton or spandex leggings.  If you want to slim your legs, be careful of the material you choose because some of the leggings can be super thin and be less forgiving.

*My favorite work-out leggings are from Victoria Secret’s PINK since they are very nice material and slimming.  As for going out, I have a couple pairs from Hollister, Forever 21, and Juicy.*




I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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