Japanese inspired trends

My honeymoon in Hawaii was amazing.  Maui was definitely a relaxing, peaceful island.  Oahu is where I was able to visit Honolulu and see some new fashion trends from Japan.  Honolulu attracts many Japanese men, women, families, and young adults because it not too far of a getaway from Japan.  The streets of Honolulu are like runways, mixed with high fashion Japanese inspired couture.  A lot of the fashion is referred to as Harajku since that is the area in Japan that has a large shopping district, where Japanese fashionistas gravitate. Harajku inspires a lot of American trends as well. This style goes from subtle floral patterns to punk-style Harajku and colored hair.  In Honolulu, you will see women (and men) with spikey hair, neon leggings, and very bold accessories.  Their makeup is phenomenal as well- full of color and finesse.

Japanese Fashion Street

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