Charming Charlie

If you have never been to this store, you are definitely missing out.  A friend of mine told me about this accessory store mall.  When I walked in, I was excitedly overwhelmed by the color coordinated plethora of clutches, bangles, hats, earrings, scarfs– you name it, it’s there!  The best part about it is that all of items are extremely affordable.  Think Forever 21 prices but more selection and quality. To find a Charming Charlie in your area and learn more about them, go to

Here are a couple items that you can find at Charming Charlie:

Lux Evening Bag

Lux Evening Bag, $24.97

Fire and Pearl Earrings

Fire & Pearl Earrings, $9.97

Bollywood Necklace

Bollywood Necklace, $12.97

Embellished Floral Sandals

Embellished Floral Sandals, $24.97

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