Beauty Picks

Sometimes, a handful of go-to beauty products are all you need in your makeup bag.  Of course it’s fun to have the pallettes of eye shadows, blushes, and color but the everyday products are important to great skin.

1. First things first- find a great mineral makeup.  The couple that I have tried (and liked) have been Bare Minerals, Jane Iredale, and Mary Kay.  Having a mineral foundation that you use daily can minimze clogged pores and help prevent blemishes and blackheads. I also love using primer before foundation because it gives the makeup a fresh smooth place to start.


2. Mascara.  This does wonders and can make the no-makeup look go to blah to wow! Since everyone has different lashes, different products may work better depending on the length and texture of your lashes.  For a great everyday look and perfect for the pool or beach, try clear mascara from Sephora, $10.


3. A great lip gloss.  Everyone has their preferences and I like shiny, wet-look lip gloss.  I do not like sticky lip gloss- that is one my pet peeves.  My favorite right now are Lorac lip glosses, $22.  They have a selection of gorgeous colors and last a while on your lips.

4. Eyeliner.  I am pretty simple here. I get my eyeliner at CVS and have been using the same kind for about 5 years.  I prefer the Revlon Colorstay, ($8-10) in black and sometimes in brown- it always serves dually as an eyebrow pencil.  It lasts all day, doesn’t smudge, and looks great.


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