Five Memorial Day Must-do’s

Memorial Day weekend is a beginning.  A beginning of summer, pools opening, bonfires, barbeques, beach trips, and just plain  ole’ good summer fun.  We all need to make this long weekend count by engaging in some traditional activities!  Below are some ideas to get you started.


1. Have a picnic.  It is so much more fun to eat&drink outside on a beautiful day.


2. Make a fruit salad.  So fresh and perfect for any Memorial Day party.


3. Get your glow on.  Sparklers are a classic that never get old.  Have some fun with them.  They make everyone smile!


4. Make some S’mores.  They are oh-so-gooey and delicious.  So simple & a hit with everyone.


5.  Get some highlights.  Whether blonde, brunette, or red-head highlights this weekend will help perfect your summer look.  They frame you face and give you an edge.

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