Finding the right Shades


Every spring I like to get a brand new pair of sunglasses.  A new pair of sunglasses can change up your whole look and give a little attitude.  Of course, everyone has a different shaped face so I thought I would give a couple lessons on how to choose the right shades.

  • When trying them on, bring a friend.  Sunglasses are really hard to see yourself in because the color looks different through the shades.  Either take a camera shopping so you can take a quick picture of yourself or bring a shopping buddy.
  • Match sunglasses to you face.  Just because the oversized sunglasses look great on Audrey Hepburn and Jackie-O does not neccessarily mean you can pull them off.  Make sure you go with what looks good with your face shape and skin tone. 
  • Splurge on the classics and set a budget on the trendier glasses.  It’s always nice to have one designer pair of classic sunglasses in a neutral black/tortoise/brown color.  However, if you want to cute pink aviators or floral sunglasses, go with a store like Forever 21 where you can get them for like $10!
  • A true fashionista has sunglasses for every occasion.  Beach sunglasses should be fun and durable (since they may get sandy and wet.)  You will need sunglasses for a formal event as well such as classic Chanel shades or something comparable.  Everyday sunglasses should be chic and classic as well.  Have fun with sunglasses- they are the ultimate accessory!