Summer sneak-peak

Today was absolutely gorgeous here in CT!  A little warm but hey I am not complaining.  It felt like summer.  Here a couple things I came across this week that really made this week feel like it’s going to be a fun summer.

1.  My friend’s new Marc Jacob’s coral bag with aviators.  So borrowing this bag from her!

2. My easter treats.  I made the pastel cupcakes and of course the angel food cake to the left (that I did not make) totally outdoes mine.

3. Boot shot glass from East Side restaurant in New Britain that I received for donating to CT Race in the Park, a breast cancer foundation.  The shot was pretty good too- a Pink Lemonade shot!  East Side is a great place to get a true experience of German culture & food!

5. Ted’s Steamed Cheeseburgers.  All I have to say is AMAZING.  They have 2 locations in CT, Cromwell & Meriden, and their burgers are to die for.  This was my first burger of the season!  They have been recognized on the Travel Channel and Food Network.  If you have not yet tried a steamed burger, go to Ted’s!  You will see, they put a heart-shaped bacon topping on my friend’s burger.  How cute! 

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