Go Green



Saint Patricks Day is such a fun holiday because it is a great excuse to drink lots of beers and turn everything green!  I remember when I was little, we would make green milkshakes, put shamrock tattoos on our faces, and just enjoy this special Irish tradition.  This Saint Patricks Day I am making pistachio cupcakes- they are  absolutely delicious and of course festive.  Also the funpart of this holiday  is you can get away with all kinds of fun green accents to your style such as glittery green nails and shimmery green eyeshadow. 

Pistachio Cupcake Recipe


  • Vanilla cake mix (plus all ingredients on box- ie. milk & eggs) 
  • 2 boxes of pistachio pudding (I prefer Jell-O)
  • 1 pint of whipping cream


Cake- Make vanilla cake as described on box.  Add 1 box of pistachip pudding and whip until well mixed.

Frosting- Mix/whip whipping cream and second box of pistachio pudding until creamy.  This makes a perfect frosting to frost on top of cupcakes.

Decorate with shamrock sprinkles or sugar.  Serve and enjoy!

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