Braids- a gorgeous trend

This was my final Gala look

Small side bread for a night out in the Hamptons

A twist on the classic french braid

Ever since I was little, I loved braids.  My mom would french braid my hair for the first day of school and when I went on vacation, I always had to get my hair braided on the islands.  Braids bring me back to childhood and I am so excited that they could be weaved into today’s fashion.

Since I am not the best braider, I usually leave it up to ony of my girlfriend’s to do a braid headband on myself.  A couple months ago, I went to a Gala for a PR event and just brought in a picture of the braided look I wanted.  The hairstylist did an amazing job because she said this trend is popular so she had a lot of practice.  The braided headband is perfect for an outdoor event such as a wedding or pool party.  The braided updos and half updos are elegant yet give off a very youthful vibe.  Get your braid on ladies!

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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