Color Me Floral

I am in Starbucks enjoying my iced skinny vanilla latte when I see 2 girls walk in with the cutest floral outfits.  One girl just had a tight floral tank top with a cream blazer over it and the other had on floral accessories- floral l bangles and sunglasses.  Their outfits were like an early taste of spring.  A floral accent or entire floral outfit is a true classic that really gives an innocent, girly vibe.  Wearing one of these adorable floral dresses will make you feel care-free and like you should be selling lemonade at a stand.  It is the perfect daytime date outfit; this innocent look will make any guy’s heart sink.

I am also loving the pink&white floral sheets. It is totally shabby chic!

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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