My Top 10 Baby Registry Items

When I was registering for baby items, I scoured the internet for best baby gear, best brands for car seats, best everything baby! Now that I have a whopping six weeks under my belt, I can attest to my personal favorites. Of course, every mom/baby is different but these items were my personal favorites and lifesavers for me newborn! If you are a mom, what items are your favorite?


1. Cloud B Sleep Sheep: I have the “to go” version which is a little smaller and great for travel.  Instead of a clunky white noise machine, this is a plush stuffed animal that duals as a white noise machine.  Gavin’s personal favorite sound is the whales… usually puts him to sleep instantly!  I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten his Sleep Sheep while we are out and  freak out because it really is a magical item!

2. Summer Infant SwaddleMe: Gavin  broke out of a swaddle pretty early; his arms and legs are constantly moving (a pretty active little guy!) so these Swaddle Me  outfits are a life-saver and make newborns feel safe and secure, especially if they are not staying in a swaddle, or if you are like me and are not the greatest “swaddler”.

3. Fisherprice Rock ‘N Play:  This thing has it all; it rocks, vibrates, and is also portable since you can fold up & take anywhere.  There are several different designs and variations to this product but I linked to the one I own.

4. Medela Tendercare HydroGel Pads:  If you are breastfeeding, these are magic!  In the first few weeks of breastfeeding, my nipples were so sore and these were the ONLY thing that helped alleviate the pain and irritation.

5. Maya Ring Sling:  I love this baby carrier because it is easy to use, perfect for a newborn, and you can easily nurse in it.  The fabric is 100% cotton so protects baby in the sun and is so comfortable and cool, especially since Gavin is a summer baby.  Gavin loves to be held the majority of the day, so this sling helps enables me to be hands-free and get things done around the house while still holding him.  You can get one brand new on their site or find a local baby-wearing group to try some out and possibly buy one used for a discount.

6. Graco Simple Sway Swing:  This swing is by far Gavin’s favorite item and consequently mine too since sometimes it is the only thing that gets him to fall asleep.  He loves the constant movement since I was always on the go when pregnant.  The ironic thing is, this was the cheapest one at Babies R Us and we have tried 3 different swings (I know, we are crazy!) and he loves this one the best.

7.  Hudson Baby Muslin Blankets:  I love these blankets.  I actually found them at T.J. Maxx for like $12 for 3 so I lucked out.  I know a ton of people swear by Aden + Anais  but as long as they are Muslin, you will love them.  Perfect for summer babies becaue they are light and breezy and also great swaddle blankets (the only blankets I can actually figure out how to swaddle with!).

8. Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor: This monitor has great range and the image is crystal clear.    I love that it has wifi option as well so if someone is watching your little one, you can access from where you are on your phone (just make sure your wifi is secure).

9. Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump:  If you are breastfeeding and plan to pump, I recommend a double-breast electric pump, especially if you plan to pump when you go back to work.  I like this Medela pump because I am able to pump quickly (within 15 minutes) and pretty comfortably as well.  I highly reccomend a hand-free pump bra as well so you can multi-task!

10.  Graco Click Connect Travel System: Graco has great ratings in infant car seats & the Click Connect snap and go travel system makes life so easy when traveling with an infant.  Gavin usually falls asleep in the car so I just take him out of the car and click his car seat into the stroller without waking him, which is priceless!



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