Maternity Clothing: Candy Stiletto’s Picks

Being pregnant, I’ve tried to not spend too much money on clothing and have been stretching out the clothing I have for a while both literally and figuratively!  However, sometimes you need something special and I have found a few favorite go-to stores.  Investing in the classics such as a good pair of maternity jeans is the best thing to do.  I find that I wear the same few pants over and over since they are so comfy and switch out the tops.  I also cannot wait for spring to bring out some awesome maternity maxi dresses!

1. Pinkblush Maternity: I have found so many cute items on this fabulous online boutique. Best part, it does not break the bank! From cute maxis, to the perfect cardigan, Pink Blush has everything under the sun.
2. Old Navy Maternity: For basic tees and jeans, I love Old Navy. I found some super cute tee-shirt dresses n sale and am very impressed with their maternity line thus far.
3. Preggo Leggings: If you have been pregnant, you know leggings are a pregnant woman’s best friend! They are so comfortable, stretch as you go, and go with pretty much everything. Preggo Leggings has a variety of colors and style of the most comfortable, stylish leggings.
4. Motherhood: I love their jeans and work pants. With designers like Jessica Simpson and Wendy Bellissimo, there are some great stylish pieces and they constantly have sales as well!



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