My Best Friend Happens to be my Mom ❥

I can truly say that my mom is my best friend.  We have always been close and I am happy that throughout my adult life, we have gotten even closer.  I have to admit, sometimes I need her now more than I ever did as a child.  I guess it’s true that children will always need their parent no matter how old they are! Even though I am married and maintain my own life, we make a point to spend time together every Sunday at the least.  Whether we go to church, go for a hike, or my personal favorite, shopping (especially when she treats)!  I don’t get mushy around most holidays but I feel like I owe everything to my mother; she has taught me how to be fair, genuine, nice yet tough, work hard, and to never ever judge people.  Thank you Mom!

Now, I need your help!  What do I get for a person that has everything?  She is so tough to shop for and for the past few years, I have gotten her jewelry but I need something more creative.  Thanks guys!

I thought this article was cute, Mother’s Day coupons Moms Want. I think my mom would want a voucher for a 30min session to help with her Iphone! 🙂  Also thought this buzzfeed article is hilarious and very true!


{my mom gifted me McBride’s album because she loved this song.. and she made sure my father didn’t just get a dance. We had a mother-daughter dance to this at my wedding as well!}


{my mom & I at her wedding this past August}

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