Thrifty yet Fabulous Beauty

We all have our quirky beauty routines that we swear by and it’s so fun to share them and learn something new.  Although some may be quacky (as a teen I swore toothpaste cleared up my acne and I’m sure I am not alone), some of these bizarre beauty tips actually work.  Here are my go-to beauty tips and I want to know… do you have any awesome beauty tips?weddingday

1. Always, no matter how tired or tipsy you are, wash off your makeup at night.  I always keep a pack of hydrating makeup wipes with me if I travel so I can always take my makeup off.  Truth is, no matter how great your makeup is, it will clog your pores overnight.

2. Petroleum Jelly is like my family’s Windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  My mom is from Poland and my grandma would hand me Vaseline and call it “Vazolina” in her cute, Polish accent and tell me to use it to cure pimples, small scratches and chafed lips.  I still think it works better than any lip balm in the world!

3. Visine gets the red out, right?  Well, it works on your face as well.  If you have a blemish that is causing redness on your face, put a little Visine on it and it will take the red out.  Voila!

4.  I was out of shaving cream once and my cousin told me to use conditioner to shave because it softens the hair.  It works just as well as shaving cream. Actually since then, I use cheap conditioners to shave my legs.

5.  Re-use your old mascara wands.  Sometimes I find the best mascara brush but not a fan of the actual product. You can wash the mascara wand and use in a different product or use on your eyebrows.

6. Clean your makeup brushes.  Avoid makeup residue and bacteria. If you do not own a makeup brush cleaner can simply use shampoo and conditioner to clean your brushes.

27 thoughts on “Thrifty yet Fabulous Beauty

  1. thatfashionhaze says:

    I totally understand your families obsession with Vaseline! I use it religiously every night on my lips to keep them soft! I love that they now have different variations – I think the cocoa butter is my favourite! Xx

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