Fancy Sweatshirts

Comfy and stylish?! I’m in.. check out my picks for Fancy sweatshirts.  Perfect for a Friday night football game or a cozy night in with friends watching scary movies!  What I also love is you can make an old sweatshirt, grab some fabric glue and gems and make it a fun DIY project to make your own embellished sweatshirt.

6 thoughts on “Fancy Sweatshirts

  1. Nikki says:

    I love all of the embellished sweatshirts! Super comfy but so cute! It is a win-win! And it would be a fun DIY project. I may have to try that soon!


  2. @onesundae says:

    Hey! Would you mind a quick question? How did you create that gorgeously unique header with the ‘home’ fashion’ etc buttons? Your blog is wonderful! Have a great day!

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