Having pets can bring the most joy to our lives but also sometimes the most heartbreak because their lives go by so fast and saying goodbye is so hard.  When I met my husband, he lived with his parents and was so in love with his pure breed yellow lab, Chipper.  When we moved in together, Chipper would wait at the door for us at my in-laws for Sunday dinners ecstatically at the top of the stairs. He has brought so much joy to be husband and we will miss Chipper so much.  Today we had to say our goodbyes- at almost 13 years old, Chipper lived a great life of love, affection, and tons of dog toys!

2 thoughts on “Chipper

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    Losing a beloved pet family member is difficult. My Mother just lost her poodle to old age last Saturday. It was devastating…..:( I was the one who adopted her back in 1997 as a Xmas gift.

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