Anytime I have an excuse to wear sequin, I will.  I think it was all the dance recitals I did as a little girl- choosing that perfect sequined, bedazzled costume is the most exciting part!  To avoid looking like you are on Dancing With the Stars, pair a sequined item with something neutral and simple.

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{Carrie Underwood’s sequined sweater with skinny jeans}

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{LOVE this sequined skirt paired with a simple white blazer}

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(gold sequin + leather = perfect combo}

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{Ruthie Davis sequined Spikette stilettos}

One thought on “Sequin

  1. iampaulaaquino says:

    Agree. I think Sequins can instantly glam up an outfit. But I’m having problems regarding the laundry thing. HAHA. 🙂

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