Pretentious Pocket

I was lucky enough to receive a Pretentious Pocket, Manhattan’s finest accessory for men.  The creator of pretentious pocket is the notorious Justin Ross Lee (JRL), New York City’s notorious socialite.  For those of you that do not know him- think Scott Disick from “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”  JRL’s fashion is impeccable, along with his sarcasm. 

These fashion forward pocket squares make the perfect gift for any guy in your life.  Each pocket square is themed; a few examples:  The Hamptons, Lucky F#%k, and the one my hubby enjoyed, Positive Cash Flow.  There is a unique design for every personality and these edgy designs are made with 100% silk in Manhattan. Check out the collection here.

Whether your man is starting a new job, heading to the Hamptons for the summer, or just needs a little spice to his suit jacket, Pretentious Pocket makes the perfect accessory gift.

{Justin Ross Lee with his celebrity twin Scott Disick, wearing “The Prick.”}

{left: Delusions of Grandeur.  right: Lucky F%$k}

{the beautiful pretentious gift box Pretentious Pocket came in}

{absolutely stunning details & colors, above: Positive Cash Flow}

{My hubby wearing Positive Cash Flow before a night out}

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