Mad (wo)Men

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The buzz of Mad Men’s new season has gained a lot of publicity and excitement.  I personally love the show because #1 I am in the advertising industry,  #2 the characters are interesting and dynamic, #3 The 60’s inspired fashion is to die for.

The sex symbol in the show is definitely Christina Hendricks.  Her curves and fiery red hair make her a red-hot character on the show.  Although her clothes are never too revealing, they are always just enough to turn heads.

Get the look:

1. Find the perfect pencil skirt

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{Donna Karen Parchment Crushed Pencil Skirt}

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{Beautiful blouse from Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection, $89.50}

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{A big barrel curling iron.  Lauren Conrad shows hot to get the Mad Men curls}

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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