Easter Candy Alternatives

With all of the delicious chocolate bunnies, Cadberry eggs, and peeps, it’s hard to resist Easter candy.  However, being conscious of which candy you choose can make a big difference. 

1.  Choose dark chocolate bunnies instead of milk or white chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that help ward off heart disease, cancer and stroke, according to Selene Yeager’s “The Doctors Book of Food Remedies.” It also contains less sugar and calories than milk chocolate.  Also, try eating only a few body party of the bunny- maybe just the ears. 🙂

2. Sugary candies- choose Jelly Beans.  Jelly beans are high in sugar but do not have any fat content.  Although they are not healthy, they are a better choice than a lot of the other sugary easter candies out there.

Pinned Image

3. Get creative.  Use healthy alternatives to make Easter basket treats.  here’s a great idea: use Goldfish to make a carrot snack.

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