Stocking Stuffers


Hopefully most of you have finished the majority of your Christmas shopping but there is always a few more items to pick up.  I remember my Dad would go out every Christmas morning and get small gifts & candy to load up our stockings.  Since we focus so much on the big gifts, sometimes the cute little meaningful stocking stuffers get over-looked.  Here are some cute last-minute & inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas.


{patterned boxers for your man}


{VS flavored shimmer lip gloss}

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{DIY chocolate coffee mixers for the java-lovers}

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{gourmet spices for the cook of your family}


Welcome Zoey

We have added a new addition to our family, a puppy named Zoey.  She is a rescue from a gassing chamber in North Carolina.  We chose the name Zoey because Zoe (origin) means, “life”.  We think Zoey is a German Shepard/Bull Dog mix. She is a bundle of joy and loving her new home so far.  However, our kitty Jingles, is not so happy.  Any advice on how to get them to be friends? 🙂

Little Cheers

I am thrilled to have a much-needed vacation today.  Being in the media industry, the holidays are a busy time of year because all of their advertising campaigns are geared toward holiday shoppers.  So, on my day off, I thought I’d take a moment and enjoy the little things. Ahhh. 🙂

{Hot chocolate with marshmallows & candy hearts}


{warm & cosy Ugg moccasins}  

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{adorable organic gift wrap with stamped names}

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{loving all the holiday cards sent our way}

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{candy cane shot glasses}

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DIY Wreaths

Christmas decorations can be cliché and boring for some people, especially when they all look the same.  The best way to personalize your decor is creating something of your own.  I am not the craftiest person in the world, but making your own wreaths is super easy and adorable. 

What you’ll need:

  • wire or foam wreath base (any craft store will have it)
  • glue gun
  • fabric/flowers/ornaments (whatever your little heart desires)
  • Floral wire or plain old fishing wire


Depending on the wreath you are making, use the wreath wire as a base and start adding your material with the floral wire until desired fullness.  Use glue to secure loose pieces and voila!


I remember when I was little my mom used to wear these fancy one-piece jumpsuits and I would look at her and say, “What is that?”  I am having a foot-in-mouth moment because jumpsuits are making a total comeback.  They are even flattering, especially for petite girls like me because they elongate your legs and torso.

Kourtney Kardashian Clothes

{Kourtney Kardashian’s adorable polka dotted jumpsuit}

{Gwyneth Paltrow’s sexy jumper}

jumpsuits fashion

{Marion Cotillard’s sparkly, festive one-piece}