DIY Food Gifts

Having trouble finding the right gift for your favorite coworker or your aunt?  A gift filled with homemade treats can be the most thoughtful and successful.  It can take a little time but your recipient will appreciate the personal touch and it can save you a little money.

1. Chocolate Pretzel bites.  Recipe is here. To add a festive twist, use seasonal color M&Ms and hershey kisses.  My personal favorites are the white chocolate peppermint kisses.  Put in a nice jar and add a bow.

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2. Homemade Peppermint Hot Chocolate.  So easy!  Just grab a jar, throw in some hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and some crushed pepperminy candy.  Delicious and presentable gift.

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3. Cookie Mix in a Jar or S’mores in a jar.  Grab your favorite ingredients for cookies, and put in a jar.  Attach the recipe and voila!

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4. Reindeer Food.

Not a baker?  Thats ok, buy small cookies or chex mix and just decorate the bottle.  I found this on Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats’ blog.  Below is a frappucino jar form Starbucks.  How thrify & creative!

4. Cookies in take-out Chinese container.  Buy or bake- the packaging makes all the different.  have a variety of Christmas cookies and just throw them in a decorative container!

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