Last Minute Costumes

So this year I did not plan well for Halloween.  Instead of wearing an extravagant costume, I am going to wing it and use what I have.  Here are some cool ideas for all of you who need last-minute easy Halloween costumes.

{Paris & Perez Hilton.  For Paris, you just need a blonde short wig.  Wear some designer glasses and a tight shirt and don’t forget the classic pose!  For Perez, just spray your hair pink and wear a graphic tee.}

{Hippie.  Don’t you love this makeup?  Pull out your tie dye shirt and ripped jeans and perfect your peace sign}

Homemade Halloween Costume: Cowgirl

{Cowgirl.  Grab your jean shorts, flannel shirt, and boots.  So cute&easy}

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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