Fun hair trends

Lately there have been so many hair trends from feather extentions, tinsel strands, and even crimping is coming back.  Last week I decided to try the hair tinsel.  Since I am blonde, I tried the gold ones.  They are super cute but don’t last very long-maybe a week.  I had them tied in by a hairdresser and they were pretty cheap- $2 per strand.  However, I know you can get your own tinsel and tie them in yourself.  Throw a funky hair party where you can get your friends together and try something a little out of the ordinary with your hair that is not permanent.


{Beyonce’s tinsel hair strands}

{Selena Gomez with her adorable feather extension}

{Miley Cyrus with her crimps… think I junked my Crimper 10 years ago }

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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