Lazy days

So today I am not feeling 100%.  Might be due to the hot weather last week and drastic change in temperature. I prefer the heat.  So on days like today, my effort into getting ready is not 100% either.  Here are some great tricks for those “blah” days and still look like the fashionista that you are.


Bad hair day?  Put on a head scarf.  It is so trendy and coveres whatever hair problem you may have under there.


No time for makeup.  We have all had these days.  The no-makeup look is best pulled off with a wee bit of makeup and takes about 2 minutes to do.  Throw on a very glossy lip gloss and some mascara.  It transforms you from the “tired” look to the “Omg you are so pretty without makeup” look.


You just want to wear sweats.  That it ok sometimes, as long as it’s not every day.  Have a couple cute sweats such as PINK, Juicy, or Primp and save them for those days.  Also, have your favorite team or college sweats is super cute too.


So we all have those last minute invites to go on a date, to a show and we have no time to take a shower, blow dry our hair, and get ready.  Our hair is a mess.. what to do?  Throw it in a pony.  Pony tails can look really dressed up if you do it the right way.  Shay Mitchell (the star of one of my fave shows, Pretty Little Liars) looks stunning in her pony tail above.

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