Salley Hansen Nail Strips *product review*

I love cool nail designs- I just never have the artistic ability to pull them off.  And salons charge an arm & a leg for nail designs.  So when I heard about Sally Hansen Nail Strips, I had to try them.  I was a bit skeptical at first but they came out amazing!  I got them at Target for around $8 and it literally took me only 15 minutes to do.  All you do is make sure your nails are polish, oil-free, & dry and simple find the strips that fit your nail, file down the excess strip, and voila- you have beautiful, crazy, fun nail designs.

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*I decided to go with the fun floral design*


*What a fun combo.. Hound’s tooth & bright pink*

*Glitter is always in style*

{So I would say overall, this is a great product and a great alternative to a professional nail design.  I just put them on yesterday so I will keep you posted on how long they last. xoxo}

4 thoughts on “Salley Hansen Nail Strips *product review*

  1. schan4 says:

    do you have additional information on which ones stay on longer, etc? i’ve heard that some of them can stay on for up to 2 weeks while others peel off in days!

    check out my blog!

    • Candy Stilettos says:

      Not yet.. I just tried them yesterday so I will keep you posted on how long they last.. These so far seem to be great though.. I have washed my hair, washed dishes & no chipping yet! 🙂

    • Candy Stilettos says:

      so a little update.. the flower deign lasts about a week.. pretty good. definitely not the 2-weeks it says but stil impressive! 🙂

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