A walk in the Garden

I finally got the opportunity to sit down with a florist for my wedding bouquets and centerpieces.  I always thought flowers were pretty but sitting down with the designer made me truly appreciate the broad array of flowers and the artistic work that goes into floral arrangements.  Each flower has it’s own character, texture, and color.  Some of the flowers that I found most amazing and unique are below:


Peonies:  These flowers remind me of fluffly clouds and cotton candy.  They are so dainty and the texture is absolutely gorgeous.  These flowers are at their prime in June.


Orchids:  These flowers are so exotic and rich in color, they are perfect for a modern vibe.  Although expensive since they grow in tropical areas, they are simple and elegant.


Sunflowers:  There is something about a sunflower that is magical.  Maybe that it grows so big and so perfect in this exaggerated bright yellow color.  They represent warmth and happiness and are beautiful, simple flowers.


Tiger Lillies:  These plants are exotic and sexy.  The bright orange against the spotted black is so cool that they look almost too perfect to be natural plants.

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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