Extend Your Look with Extensions

Are you feeling like you want to do something a little edgy, daring, or CRAZY with your style?  Sometime I get this itch to go out and do something Lady Gaga-ish or Rihanna inspired!  But working in a professional environment does make that tough!  I always envy hair stylists because they can do such fun things with their style and it only helps their career and image.  However, all of us have a wild side and can be more daring in the weekends go right back to business woman/student/mom/normal during the week.  Ever notice how celebrities will have a super short haircut and then the next day have long locks?  Or they will have brown hair and have red-hot highlights the next day?  The secret is…. extensions!  extensions do not have to be permanent.. that is the fun part.  They can clip in from fun pony tails, long locks, or even bangs! (see Kim Kardashian’s clip-in bangs below.)

Extension Recommendations:

  • Sally’s Beauty Supply: Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions $84.99 per 14″ track.
  • Hairdo by Jessica Simpson: Ranges $20-$80 for each extension (bangs, pony tails, long, tracks, etc.)



I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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