What to buy with Your Tax Return

So, as all of you know, today is the last day to file your taxes.  Although my refund isn’t huge (and I am supposed to be putting it directly into the wedding budgets), we all look forward to a little extra cash from our tax returns.  Have you all decided what you are going to splurge on?  Please share!  Just in case you are not sure how you want to spend the dough, here are a couple suggestions!

1. Apple Ipad 2: The ipad handy in every situation.  With hundres of thousands of apps and cute ipad covers, the Ipad 2 is a must purchase!  I am looking forward to one for myself which will be extra convenient for pictures and blogging. xoxo.

Ipad 2, Apple Inc.

2. Michael Korrs Straw Handbag:  A straw handbag is the perfect bag for outdoor activities such as boating, going to the beach, and having a picnic.  They are super cute with any outfit too!

Michael Korrs Straw Handbag


 3. Ray Ban sunglasses: Ray Bans are a classic and will never go out of style so they are a great investment if you have some extra cash.  Plus they come in so many fun shapes and shades, there will definitely be a pair to fit your style.

Ray Ban sunglasses


4. Keurig Coffeemaker:  These are the absolute best.  Especially if you are on the go and everyone you live with likes different coffee/tea flavors.  This way when someone comes over you can offer them a variety of different flavors of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and it is so convenient.  I have wanted one of these for over a year!  There are a couple different models so based on your budget I am sure you can find one!

Keurig Coffee Machine

 5. Women’s Golf Clubs: Golf season has officially begun and its a sport that I have never truly tried.  I have been to the driving range but never on a real golf course.  I really think it would be fun to learn and benefit my career since I do work in marketing and pr.  Any golfers out there?  I am contemplating learning the basics this summer and need some advice on which golf clubs to get.  Have any of you purchased golf clubs?  Please share! 🙂

Golf Clubs

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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