Work Hard Play Harder

If you are like me you are constantly trying to balance everything in your life.  From working, to planning my wedding, to finding “me” time and friend time, I am constantly trying to fit everything into my hectic schedule.  On top of that, as fashionistas, we need to look good doing it all.  If I have fun plans right after work, I like to make sure my work attire can be morphed into something trendy and fun for a night out with friends, or a dinner with my fiance.  By just changing up a few accessories and adding a little more color, your business clothing can turn into pleasure-wear.  A quick 5 minute alteration, without having to pick out a whole new outfit can give your work outfit a whole new look!

Office mate to "play" mate 🙂

Meetings to Date nightPower woman to nautical chic

I appreciate all of your comments! XXo

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