Jersey but Classy

So I know I am not the only one addicted to the Jersey Shore & Jerseylicious.  We all like to hate on their way-too-heavy makeup and crazy outfits but there is a little bit of Jersey in all of us.  In order to Jersify yourself, you’ve got to set limits.  I know that I cannot pull off the HUGE bump on my head to I have deleted that from the equation for me.  We do not want to look like we are in a Snooki costume but we can all use a little Tee-shirt time once in a while. 🙂

A couple MUSTS for a Jersey but Classy look:

  • bright eyeshadow
  • big hoops
  • great push-up bra
  • hairspray
  • fake eyelashes or really good mascara
  • an awesome House music CD to get you fist pumpin’ the night away
  • killer heels
  • a great bronzer

Snooki's infamous bump- a look not all of us can pull off

A really good push-up bra (or surgery) is needed to get Jwowws look

Olivia & Tracy from Jerseylicious. For the Classy Jersey look, go 10x less on the makeup 🙂

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