Dancin’ in the Rain

Rainy day

Rain-proof your outfit!

Just because it’s raining out does not mean you have to dress in frumpy clothes, wear your hair frizzy, and wear beat up ugly boots.  You just have to be prepared.  Since I am in marketing and public relations I am not cooped up in an office all day- I am constantly meeting with clients so I have to dress for the weather.  I also learned a lot about dressing for the weather by being a UCONN student, where you might have to walk almost a mile to get to each class.  Let’s face it- Uggs are comfortable and cute but there are more options when it comes to yucky weather. So whether you are walking on campus or just running errands, you will need some essential items on these rainy days.   These are my favorite go-to items on a crappy day.

The Hunter Boots are a MUST for a rainy day.  I love them because I am petite and some of the styles have a 3inch wedge on them-how cool is that?  The Burberry trench coat is a classic because it is perfect for rainy weather but also can be worn for a beautiful spring or fall day.  And of course what we most hate about rainy days is what it does to our hair.  I have pretty straight hair but on rainy days it becomes a mix of frizz and just blah.  I swear by this mousse, Kiwi by Loreal, because I just squirt a little in my pals and scrunch my hair while it’s damp and a natural wave that is not affected by the rain is a safe bet for a day like today.  It doesn’t hurt that is smells amazing as well!

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