Braided Crown Updo Tutorial


When I posted my flutter sleeve dress look here, I got a lot of you asking how I did my hair. It’s actually super-easy and take only a few minutes. I decided to do a quick video tutorial. Doing hair and talking is not my forte so don’t mind my “herrr” (hair) urban talk while I am doing my herrr. 🙂


Mom gets Married!

My mom got married over Labor Day weekend and it was one of the happiest days of my life. To see her, after all of her struggles, marry a wonderful gentleman, it truly brought tears to my eyes. We had a great evening of dining, dancing, and even a Polish-themed after-party with sauerkraut and kielbasa! Even though she married an Italian, my mom is sticking to her Polish roots! I wanted to share some pictures of this beautiful day. Thanks for reading all! xo

mom-wedding{My mom in her beautiful gown we found at Macy’s & her new hubby Nick}

momwedding4{Close-up. Wish I had her blue eyes!}

momwedding5{me & my soulmate. My dress is also from Macy’s}

momwedding2{loved my hair, my cousin Marie did a beautiful job!}

momwedding1{I felt like a Greek-Goddess here}