Return of the Belly Shirt

16 was a huge year for me. Of course I was ecstatic to get my license but also on my 16th birthday, I got my belly button pierced.  It was so exciting I went out and bought tons of belly shirts and felt soo cool.  Like bell bottoms, belly shirts became popular in the 60s-70s hippie era and has had waves of popularity in the 90s.  Well ladies, they have come back with a vengeance.  Adorably flirty and sexy, these midriff baring shirts will get you out of any ticket and may get you into trouble. 😉

Abs not included.

{Miley Cyrus in a simple workout outfit, baring her flat tummy}

{the queen of showing her abs off, Carrie Bradshaw!}

{peekaboo shirt if you do not want to show it all}

Pool Party

Hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July.  My day was filled with poolside spritzers, delicious barbecue food, and watching neighborhood fireworks.  We ended the night with a perfect 10pm dip in the pool which was very refreshing.  The great thing about the 4th falling on a Wednesday is the celebration all week until Sunday.  Since pool parties are such a popular event this time of year, I wanted to share my favorite pool party accessories.



{Just ordered one of these online for our late July pool party}

{pool party cupcakes}

Newport Getaway

I am very excited for a long weekend in Newport, RI with my family.  It is a much-needed getaway to take a break from the hustle and bustle of my career, moving into a news house, a break from the kids (my pup Zoey and kitty Jingles), and just a weekend of relaxation and fun.  Newport is extra special to me because of a few reasons.  It was me and Ryan’s first weekend trip together when we first met.  We had blast looking at the beautiful Newport mansions, checking out the local Blues Cafe and just admiring the historical town.  Also, my uncle has a time share there and he passed away this year.  Inviting the entire family to Newport to stay in his time share was a tradition for us and this year, we are dedicating this trip to him. ❤

Below are some of my weekend getaway necessities and some pics from Newport over the past couple trips! I recommend lots of sunscreen to keep that beautiful skin protected, a cross body bag so you can have your hands free while you stroll the area, and of course, very comfortable, cute sandals!

{Ryan & I in Newport, in front of the mansions}

{Newport by the beach, I had a short haircut!}

{Our fave restaurant, Castle Hill}