Halloween on a Whim

Last Minute Halloween Projects

  • Pumpkin carving can be quite a project.  If you want a last-minute pumpkin decoration for your trick-or-treaters, garb some paint and paint a pumpkin.  It’s less messy & still so adorable!

  • Mummy door.  You don’t even  have to go to the store for this!  Grab some toilet paper and make some eyeballs out of construction paper and voila!

  • Easy Halloween snack:  Nutter Butter Ghosts.  Pick up a pack of Nutter Butter cookies and some white chocolate and mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  So easy yet festive.
  • Last minute costume idea: Katniss Everdeen, from The Hunger Games: Army green pants, leather jacket, riding boots, a side braid. The one prop you may have to find is a toy bow which you can probably find at Walmart!