Plaid Accents

I am a huge fan of the show, Pretty Little Liars and love the fashion in the show. Each character has her own style and I was excited to find these adorable plaid leggings on sales from the Pretty Little Liars line at Aeropostale. Since it has been very warm lately (until today!) I wore it with wedge sandals and an over-sized thin cardigan.

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? Who is your favorite fashion icon from the show?



Prettly Little Liars Fashion

Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show this summer.  I love following the suspense of who A is and the amazing fashion that the PLL wear is also a guilty pleasure.  If you are a fan of Pretty Little Liars, let me know who is closest to your personal style?  I think my favorite is Aria with her bold accessories and printed skirts.

<br />
MINKPINK - Donatella Bodycon Dress - $70.00<br />


MINKPINK – Donatella Bodycon Dress – $70.00

I was waiting for one of the girls to follow the peplum trend and who better to than Aria. While following the crowd she still manages to add her unique flare by buying it in a wacky print by the ever so flamboyant Betsey Johnson.</p>
<p>Betsey Johnson - Tattoo Liberty Peplum Dress - S.S.O.<br />

LOVE Aria’s Betsy Johnson’s peplum dress!

Betsey Johnson – Tattoo Liberty Peplum Dress – S.S.O.

<br />
Rebecca Minkoff - Mojabe Top - $248.00<br />

Hanna’s adorable chic sheer top.

Rebecca Minkoff – Mojabe Top – $248.00 

Another sneak peek at PLL S3 fashion via twitter! I actually recognized this dress at once because Madeline from PLL’s sister show, The Lying Game, wore the same dress.</p>
<p>All Saints - Nightingale Melody Dress - $180.00<br />

All Saints – Nightingale Melody Dress – $180.00 

Thanks troiann!</p>
<p>Rag and Bone - Split skinny B/W - $198.00<br />

Rag and Bone – Split skinny B/W – $198.00 

I found the dress on eBay! Its for sale for 8 more days as of 3/28/12.</p>
<p>Charlie &amp; Robin - Tie neck Sweater Dress - $119.99<br />

Love Spencer’s prep look in the show!

Charlie & Robin – Tie neck Sweater Dress – $119.99 

Bringin’ Sexy Back

Leaving a little to the imagination is always way sexier than showing too much.  Cleavage & legs have been historically the sexy assets of a women’s body but the new sexy body part- your back.  And you can go all-baring with this body party and get away with it. 

{Kate Hudson’s sexy white dress shows off her back}

{Forever 21 Floral open-back dress, adorable $22.80}

{Victoria’s Secret sexy backless top}

{Parker open-back dress @ Bloomingdale’s $165}

{Lucy Hale looking fabulous and toned in this sexy back-revealing dress}